It always feels good to have someone in our life, someone to inspire and motivates us. We all need someone to make us feel love and care. Someone that won’t get tired of loving us no matter what it takes. We need someone to show us the world, no matter how ugly it is. Someone that will never leave and get tired. Many times our life seems so complicated and the existence of someone is just essential. Their presence made us feel alive and better. With them, we are not afraid anymore to take risks. We are willing to go far in our life. We want someone to stay with us and hold our hand for the rest of our lives. We are lucky if we can find someone that will never give up on us. Someone that chooses to undergo our difficulties in life.


The love of our life will always push us to our extent and helps us achieve our dreams in life. We are not afraid anymore to stand for ourselves and proud of it. We become strong and not let anyone stamps us, as they want to. We want to protect our partner, and we will start it on ourselves. We don’t fear anymore that out of billion people in the world there is always one person that is destined for us. We need to pick the right ones that are worth to suffer.


My name is Wendell from California; I am thirty-two years old and lucky to be with someone I love. Maybe this is an answered prayer for all the challenges I have faced through. Many times I want to give up before, and I don’t know why God still keeps me alive. We are a poor citizen, difficulties are coming our way, like every day of it. It is hard because I correspond with my mother. My father left us; he could not handle life anymore with us. He thinks that we are just a burden to him. He asked for his freedom and mom gave her. She agreed even her heart is breaking.


I hope that someday I won’t find someone who is a coward like my father did. I double my work, or education and for the family. But when my mother died, it is also my biggest downfall. I almost kill myself, but I was saved. Maybe I still have a purpose in my life. I finish college and go to Victoria to find work. Years passed I try to book a Victoria Escorts from, and she changes my life. She gives positivity to me, and love me for who I am. We have a fresh start, and I am lucky to have a Victoria Escort in my life