Many times I question myself why I have to go through this all; perhaps it could be a curse to me or a way to become a better person. Our struggles and challenges in life make us strong or weak. If our emotions cant is controlled, it will lead us to depression. And we all know how bad depression is to all mankind. Many people went through such illness, and some ended up dead. When you had depression, you might think of suicide when you have no right people by your side to comfort you.


I feel so blessed that I had able to write this article and still breathing at the same time. If I did not meet a Berkshire Escorts from, perhaps I am a cold corpse now. Sadness kills people slowly, and that’s how I feel before I knew Berkshire Escorts. When you had no one by your side, you tend to see the world as dark as it is, you have no friends, you stop loving or caring for yourself. You starve yourself to the point that your mental health is affected, and the end is crazy.


Life without anyone is hard as no life at all. We all need people whenever we are down. But sometimes, our own family betrayed us; they are the ones who abandoned us in the most challenging situations. Life becomes more colourful when we spend it on people that matter to us. People think that wealth is more important but all of those things has no worth compared to family and friends.


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