We always need people who can make us feel important in times of our lowest point. People who will be there for us when no one will be. It’s so happened that I find good people who make me feel better in life. I almost quit in life by committing suicide but luckily my mom has stopped me from doing so. Love has always two effects to people, either good or bad.

It is good when you have a happy and healthy relationship and bad when you both break up. It is hard to live when the person you used to have by your side gone away. It is hard to make it work again. You have to realize that it is not always what we want in life happened but sometimes the adverse of it. Most importantly we should always be ready in everything. I never thought that our six years together will put into trash when she started of cheating on me. I never am suspicious to her because I give her full trust. But despite of it she had able to do it so.

The most painful thing is that she never said goodbye to me, she stopped communicating at me, hiding from me and months later I saw a photo of her being with another man. Maybe that is the sign that we are officially broke up. But still I cannot move on from it, I feel so sad and discouraged. Sometimes I asked myself what I have done to make her do it from me. I blamed myself so many times, I stop going to work, meeting with friends or going out. I isolate myself for many months, starving to death and lastly almost died from suicide.

My mom can’t take it anymore; she and I book a ticket to Aldgate. Aldgate is part of London; we have some relatives there to stay. Mom said that it would.be better for me to be away for a while to think and meditate. Maybe mom is right it can be an answer to my problem. I also heard lots of good things about Aldgate escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/aldgate-escorts. I remember my uncle Ben talking about their famous Aldgate escorts when he visited us. I also love to see a real Aldgate escorts and know why everyone is going crazy on them. The first time I stepped in at Aldgate I already know that the place is adventurous. It was so calm and peaceful.

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