As days passed by, our life becomes low down. All of us don t know where to start and hopeless. I still have little siblings, and if I leave, who would care for them. She goes crazy every time she can’t take her medicine. My brother also has suffered from tuberculosis, and I do not know what to do anymore. All of them look up to me, but I can’t give them the life they need. I am just a factory worker. I have mounds of problems with me. I thought of jumping in the river, a woman stopped me and begged not to do it. She cried, and I pity her. It was like, who is she? She is a West London escort from, and just like me, she experiences difficulties in life, and she knows what I went through. She advised me and talk every day. She helps me to overcome my problems in life until I fully recover. Thanks to a West London escort, she saves my life.


Every day I have to deal with different difficulties in life. Perhaps I will be shocked if one day I woke without new challenges to face. I am used to bad news, grew up in West London, eight in the family, and had seven siblings. Before everything else, we used to have a beautiful life, my dad has a stable job, and my mom is an everyday housewife. We all go to school, and everyone is just happy. Yes, we were so happy back then, no pain and no struggle. Until such time they got divorced. Their divorce has changed our lives so much, dad has a mistress, and mom is frustrated and devastated. She went through mental illness.


One of the best things in life is to have someone to comfort us when we are so down and want to end our life. We all need someone that guides us to the right path and give directions to our survival. Someone to hold on to and make our life worth living. There are times in our life that are hard and painful; we do not know what to do and want to escape life. Life may seem so unfair and unfortunate that some people have overcome it while others have given up their lives. There comes in our life; we want to end it to stop the pain. We are so done and tired of all the things that happened to our lives. We are tired of people who keep belittling and dragging us down. We are tired of hearing useless and no purpose in this world. We are so down in life.