It is a kind of a casual relationship that doesn’t commit at all. It is also known to be a sexual relationship to most of the gentlemen. This kind of connection allows you to date anyone you want to date but not hooks up with friends. It is only plainly a relationship for sex, nothing more, nothing less according to London Escorts from

To stay unattached, you need to maintain the status on a need to know the arrangement. You don’t need to tell your whereabouts in life. After you have done your duties as a fuck buddy, stay away. There is no cuddle after sex and sleepovers according to London Escorts. All you need to do is give his sexual needs, and that’s it nothing more to it.

There is no need for you to dwell on such kind of relationships. Try to be happy as a regular individual look for the love of your life to be a hopeless romantic. Bare in mind that you are a free woman. You are not attached to anyone in this world. You are only connected to yourself according to London Escorts.

Remember that you are not his better half, continue to be uninvolved in everything. You don’t need to bother what he is doing when you are not together. Get Lost and do the things you love away from him. Enjoy life as you are free on what to do in your life without no one dictating you on what to do with your life.

There is a need for an agreement before a no stringed attached relationship works. You have to be clear about the kind of woman you are, do not lose your dignity in getting in the relationship. If you both agreed and feel comfortable with it, then there is no problem at all according to London Escorts.

There is no place needing someone more than the agreed relationship. You have emphasized that you will do safe sex all time. It is for protecting you from any physical damages in the future. Remember that health is wealth, and you should take extra care of it.

Though there are few involved in this kind of relationship turns out real lovers. There is so much possibility for it to happen, but this doesn’t mean you get the risk to it. What if you fall into a failing relationship from a false hope relationship you had. It is better to cut off the relationship first when it happens and continue being everyday lovers if you have mutual feelings. There are many possible ways to pay back the things you had lost when you were sex buddies, which will not stop you from loving each other. You can continue doing something you used to do but with stringed attached alrea=dy for this love and care. That matters a lot than any hooked up relationships out there.