Respect and love are keys to maintain a happy and peaceful relationship. Many relationships have destroyed because of lack of respect along the way. If you love a person, you should never do things that can hurt her/his feelings. Even though you are together for the longest time, your behavior at first should remain until now. If you show love and respect, never change it no matter what. Our mistakes are that when we get too comfortable, we tend to forget the person’s value. We took them for granted in the thought “oh she will never leave me” “she cant do it with me.” And those thoughts lead to break-up sooner. Lately, I have talked with two couples who are in a relationship for ten years; they reveal that no matter what they go through, they always have respect for each other. Just like when we have arguments, we never crossed boundaries to hurt feelings or raise a hand. We keep mum and get chill first, then we discuss it calmly and apologize to each other.


As of my experience, love and respect should always be the center of any relationship. My name is Bry and lived in a suburban London borough in North London or Barnet. If you have visited the place, you know how amazing and beautiful it is. You can find delicious restaurants and malls. Hot brewed coffee and drinks are here. I am a residence here for twenty-nine years now and met one of the most beautiful and pure heart woman, a Barnet Escort from Escorts here are popular because of it’s all out service and astonishing beauties. They are also known for their excellent personalities, and many men are chasing them over the years. Her name is Brooke, and she is my girlfriend of ten years now. She is my classmates during college and admired her determination to finish school. She is also an achiever in school and always on top. Many men like her, and I’m the lucky guy.


She is hard to get, and you need to prove yourself before she gets comfortable with you. It took me a year to chase and show my efforts with her. But my efforts and decision are never wrong because love and respect paid it. She gives me a love that everyone wishes to have. She is my number supporter for all my life decisions. Of all the challenges we face, we still maintain the love and respect with each other. We always value each other’s opinion before making a decision. We never ashame ourselves publicly but instead discuss it privately. No matter how big our arguments, we never look for someone to fill the missing part but we tried to explain it after we’re both chills.