Before I got involved with working for Surrey escorts from, I used to be a full-time stripper. I have always loved to dance, and when I could not find a job which paid well, I got a job stripping in a popular nightclub in Surrey. It was great and I had lots of fun, but it did not pay as much money as I thought that it would. I do still strip on a part-time basis but at the same time, I make most of the money at Surrey escorts.


My boss at Surrey escorts says that I am one of the most hardworking girls at the Surrey escorts service that I work for in south Surrey. Well, there is a very good reason for that. You see, when I leave Surrey escorts, I would love to have my own strip club in Surrey so I am saving up money for that. In many ways, I have been lucky. Unlike the other girls, I don’t have to worry about having somewhere to live. When my grandma died, I inherited her apartment so I don’t’ have to worry about living costs so much.


I am rather tough on myself and most of the money I earn at Surrey escorts go towards what I call my strip club fund. Out of my Surrey escorts earnings, I try to put away as much money as I can towards my club. Sure, I guess that I could take out a mortgage on my home, but that would be risking too much money. If something went wrong I could end up not having anywhere to live and I would not risk that as it would mean having to start all over again.


Yes, it may be a bit of an ambitious dream to own your own strip club in Surrey, but I feel that I would be good at that. Over the last few years, many strip clubs that Surrey escorts used to go to have closed down. The main reason for that is simple. They were simply cheap and nasty. Things have moved on in the world of adult entertainment and I don’t think that anybody is looking for cheap and nasty places anymore.


How long is it going to take me to save up? I am not sure, but property prices have dropped a little bit in Surrey. At the moment I am really focused on my job with Surrey escorts and not thinking about buying anywhere. When I am not at the escort agency, I dance at this rather nice strip club in Soho. It has a great clientele. There is s reason why I have chosen to spend my time there. The guy who owns it is a getting older and thinking about retiring to Portugal. When he does, I will try to either by the club or manage it for him. We get on really well, and since I have been there, I have got to know the business well. Now, who says that Surrey escorts are blonde and silly …