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Today, lifespan in India is about 65 years and life span in America is about 85 years. Our main objective is to focus on Indian community to impart knowledge about how people in India too can extend their life span up to 85 years like America and other developed nations.

Our concept projects upon educating people about adopting healthy habits, lifestyle modifications, health care awareness. It will educate people about how we can delay certain diseases and how to prepare and strengthen our body for future changes. Through our book we aim at promoting proactive health care and to educate people about our principle of ‘Adding 15 years to your life’ to maximize life span in India from 62 to 85 years.

Dr. Goel states, “Whether you want it or not lifespan in India has already increased because of access to healthcare and availability of resources. Besides this awareness has dramatically increased for us.

So, Big Question is, Do you now drag your feet to 85 years or prefer to be active and fairly healthy till last year our life. Please read the book and decide.”

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